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shepadoodle letter


Hi Shannon. She's doing great . My husband named her Scout. I'm not sure if you recall - she was a birthday gift for him. We love her! She's getting bigger by the day and full of energy. My husband takes her to Puppy Kindergarten class. She will be getting "fixed" next month. The vet says she's very healthy.

Here's a picture I took of her about a month ago. It's one of my favorites. 

Shepadoodle letter


 am writing to tell you first how much we LOVE Molly. She is the sweetest dog ever. I am sure all your families say that about their dogs, but I am certain we are the only ones telling you the truth! :o) Really though, she is a wonderful dog and we get compliments on her wherever we go. She is so calm and mild mannered that people often don't realize she's still a puppy! And I have to tell you she has brought about an amazing change in our dog Sydney. Before Molly came Syd would lay around in the back room and rarely socialize with us. Now she is everywhere Molly is, making sure she gets her share of the attention. Best of all, Molly got Sydney to be interested in playing again! That is something none of the other dogs in the family could do! Sydney actually initiates play with Molly. It's so fun to watch and it's so nice to see such an improvement in Sydney's life. I can't say enough great things about having Molly as part of our family. I am including a couple of photos of 

labradoodle letter


My baby and first doodle is 11 today.  He is my heart- and I have never received a more precious gift in my life.  What a blessing he is to me and to our community.  I pray for his continued excellent health and for many more years to love him more and more.  May he never suffer and always be my happy doodlebug

Shepadoodle letter


Received Ubu into delta cargo ( albany ny) July 22nd ( as scheduled ), at a little over 8 weeks old. Fell in love immediately as she was looking out at me from a room away, as I wrapped up her paperwork. We have been together over a month now. She is super smart. Got an A+ at the groomers. Very loving and easy to get along with. If I had ten acres I would have 2 more! I live though in a small city, which she is adjusting to nicely. Easy to crate train. Learns commands very quickly. What else can I say? I just love her. Shannon you were also very nice and easy to communicate with. Thank you,

Labradoodle letter


Leonard (7mo3wk) has been a special pet. His IQ is very high as he is very obedient and gets along great with people and other dogs. 

Labradoodle letter


 The comment below is about two Labradoodles.

Merry Christmas from the Marullo Family. We are celebrating our 10th Christmas with Ringo and our 2nd with Romeo this year. They are handsome, awesome, well behaved and LOVED! We sing your praises often Shannon

The below comment is about a F2 Labradoodle.
Hi Shannon, wanted to send a picture of my sweet Romeo.  He is a big beautiful boy at 8 months.  He weighs 75 lbs.  Our veterinarian says he is super smart and very healthy.  We adore him, and he and Ringo are inseparable.  Romeo is a good puppy and has not been kenneled since he was 5 months.  He plays constantly, but only with his toys.  He ( just like Ringo) has never destroyed a single thing in my house.  Our dogs have an underground fence and he trained on that beautifully at 4 months.  So in conclusion, I've now purchased two amazing labradoodles from you.  We are big fans!!!!

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